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The PIER 22 culinary team has prepared a traditional Thanksgiving feast for four with all the trimmings for only $99. All items are housemade using fresh quality ingredients. You can purchase an entire meal, just the sides or even a pie! Remember Thanksgiving takeout meals must be ordered before Nov. 20.

If you would like to request an office delivery or full catering service, please ask one of our event coordinators for help. Looking to make a Thanksgiving Dining reservation, please check out our reservations page.

Call to place your order – 941.748.8087

Thanksgiving Family Meal Deal

Includes A FREE Bottle Of Wine— while supplies last!

Pick Up Thanksgiving Day 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Orders Must Be Placed By Tuesday, Nov. 20

Thanksgiving Takeout Includes Meal For Four: one large fresh roasted turkey (10 pounds), housemade stuffing (2 pounds), mashed potatoes and gravy (2 pounds), sweet potato casserole (2 pounds), broccoli casserole (2 pounds), green beans (2 pounds), cranberry sauce (2 pounds), housemade dinner rolls (4 pieces), pumpkin pie (1). $99 + Tax

À La Carte

Full Cooked Turkey $60.00 +tax

10 pounds fresh slow roasted turkey

Stuffing $8.00 +tax

Housemade 2 pounds

Mashed Potatoes And Gravy $8.00 +tax

Housemade 2 pounds

Sweet Potato Casserole $8.00 +tax

Housemade 2 pounds

Broccoli Casserole $8.00 +tax

Housemade 2 pounds

Green Beans $8.00 +tax

Housemade 2 pounds

Cranberry Sauce $8.00 +tax

Housemade 2 pounds

Dinner Rolls $8.00 +tax

Housemade 2 pounds

Pumpkin Pie $8.00 +tax

Housemade 9" pumpkin pie