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Before we had aisles and aisles of prepackaged supermarket loaves, there was good old-fashioned homemade bread. Bread is a popular staple most anywhere in the world. With the domestication and cultivation of wheat and other grains, humans transitioned to a domesticated people. Early bread was more like a soupy porridge, but hey, you have to start somewhere. Today, the list of available bread spreads over 200 types. PIER 22 bakers headed by our pastry chef, Felipe Silva, and Executive Chef, Greg Campbell, take great care and patience when hand-rolling, scoring and allowing the dough to slowly and naturally rise. No matter how you slice it, homemade bread just taste better!

Made with love, PIER 22 serves homemade dinner rolls, hoagie rolls, burger buns, ciabatta, flatbreads, pizza, donuts, cakes, pastries and more. For on-site and off-site catering the list grows immeasurably—whatever you knead, PIER 22 can bake it! Quality homemade bread can be tough to come by at your average Bradenton, Florida restaurant, but PIER 22 is different and here's why:

1. PIER 22 bakers hand roll all of our dough.

2. Our recipes are entirely from scratch.

3. We use only the highest quality ingredients—no fast rising yeast and no artificial additives included.

4. We offer gluten free options on all of our breads!

5. All breads are made in one continuous process—no part-baking and no freezing of the dough.

6. PIER 22 serves freshly baked- homemade bread daily!